AOD Melting

Electralloy can reclaim your scrap, gates, risers and miss-runs and melt in our arc furnace, refine it in our AOD units, and cast it into bottom poured ingots or 15 lb. pigs with certified analysis to your specified chemistry.

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This is a consumable electrode remelting process that produces a cleaner, more uniform alloy with minimum segregation. Electralloy’s ESR features a computerized melt control system that fully automates the remelting process. This precise control provides a consistently high-quality product that is ideal for a variety of demanding applications such as aerospace, nuclear, and power generation.

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Heat Treat

Our heat treat facility is capable of high temperature solution anneal followed by water quench.  Anneal temperatures can be specified as high as 2100° F and can be held to +/- 25° F.  Water quench tank can treat 50,000 lbs. of material up to 25 feet in length while meeting the most stringent requirements.

Our two car-bottom heat treating furnaces are surveyed to comply with MIL-H-6875, MIL-STD-1684, AMS 2750C and API 6a Appendix M.  Additionally, there are six Onex stress relieving furnaces and two hood stress relieving furnaces.

Further commercial heat treat capacity is available through GOC Property Holdings.  Read more.

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This is a consumable electrode remelting process performed inside a vacuum chamber. Exposure of molten metal droplets to vacuum reduces free gas content in the steel providing a cleaner product with little segregation. Consistently higher yields and reproducible metals are assured through fully automated computer/load cell control throughout the remelt process eliminating the need for operator intervention. The end product is a dense ingot with minimum segregation and very low hydrogen and oxygen levels.

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Electralloy has three Mid-West Grinders and one G&B Grinder complete with manipulators that are capable of supplying final billet products to 250RMS when requested.

  • These high production units can handle billet material as small as 4" RCS to sizes as large as 34" RCS. Ingots range from 16 x 16 square to a 63" fluted round weighing about 63,000 lb.
  • Electralloy can surface grind electrodes from 13" round to 39" round and prepare both ends as well.

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