• Born to Swedish immigrants, in 1895.
  • Started his first job in McKeesport steel mill. Became fascinated with steelmaking process.
  • Became a Sales Engineer for Latrobe Electric Steel in 1928 and began acquiring a great deal of knowledge about stainless steel, a “new” metal with amazing corrosion resistance properties.
  • At Taylor Iron & Steel, where he was hired to design, build and operate a forge plant which produced steel cylinders for compressed gas, Carlson began using stainless steel to produce the cylinders. 
  • In 1936, recognizing that stainless steel producers were not producing special grades, shapes and sizes in less than mill-quantities, Carlson took the opportunity to start his own business.  Within the year, the new G.O. Carlson Company was producing stainless steel plate and plate specialties tailor-made to customer specification.  Carlson was often the first to introduce new grades of stainless in heavy plate form.

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