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Brent Hornstrom is a relative newcomer to our organization but in three years, he has made quiteBrent an impact. When I asked Brent what his proudest moment was while at our company, he said it was his promotion to supervisor at our world-class Siverly Plant all while having the support of his management team. Brent feels that the leadership and dedication to quality and our commitment to the specialty alloys industry helps generate and keep a strong customer following.

Looking back... if we took a snapshot of what Brent was doing at ten years old, we would always find him playing outside and building things as he is a country boy at heart, loving the outdoors. Today, if Brent’s wife or three children were to open up his playlist on his mobile phone, it would be filled with classic rock music, which he listens to while preparing for his elk hunting trips to Montana or on the water fishing and boating

Brent has terrific insight as to what he has learned most over the past five years, “Hard work, patience, and the ability to appreciate what you have. And that no matter how difficult something may be at the time, things will work out in the end… never give up.”

Thank you, Brent, for your dedication to the G. O. Carlson Property Holdings team.  

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