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Employees are the cornerstone of any smooth-running organization and fortunately, Electralloy has some of the very best…

Angie Kuhaneck has been with Electralloy as an Inside Sales Technician for just over two years now. When I asked Angie what she liked most about Electralloy, the answer came quickly and easily. “It's a tie between our fabulous customers and our super fun coworkers.” She continued by saying that, “family, quality, and specialty” would be the three words that best describe our company.

In the short term, Angie hopes that we can all recover from this economic crisis caused by the pandemic and take what Angiewe have learned from these hard times and make improvements to both our individual and collective organizations. In the long term, she hopes to work together as an industry, along with our external partners in government and regulatory agencies, to keep American made steel prices competitive while continuing to make social and environmental improvements to our processes.

Angie has been married for 14 years and has two elementary-age daughters. In her limited spare time, she can be seen carting her kids to and from activities. Luckily, she said her vehicle doubles as a concert hall because she loves to sing and claims to be the Neil Peart of dashboard drummers. Speaking of music, Angie allowed us to scroll through her smartphone playlist and I must agree with her, it looks like someone randomly pulled songs right out of Pandora's box. It contains Classic Rock, Top 40, Christian Contemporary, musicals, 80s hair bands, grunge, rap, and even some country. 

A wonderful quote by Regina Brett is the mantra she lives by; “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.”

What's on her bucket list? Travel and lots of it. One of her favorite places visited was Maui. She loved how beautiful and varied the landscapes were; beaches, lush mountains, rocky volcanoes, and waterfalls. Another favorite travel destination was Haiti. She visited a Haitian orphanage as part of a mission trip in 2018 and vows to be back again. As a foodie, Italy is in her sights.

Your positive attitude and professionalism make us all better. Thank you, Angie, for everything you do for Electralloy!

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