February 01, 2010

With the recent expansion of the companyís license from AK Steel to produce NITRONIC bar products, Electralloy has become North Americaís exclusive licensed producer of all NITRONIC bar, billet, coil rod, master alloy, pigs and ingot products as well as weld wire and weld consumables.  Electralloy has been providing these licensed NITRONIC products to the marketplace for over 16 years.
Electralloy is also licensed to manufacture NITRONIC 32, 33, 40, 50, and 60 plate and plate products through its plate department, G.O. Carlson Plate.  NITRONIC 30 plate and plate products can be supplied using slabs melted by AK Steel.
We're proud to have been awarded the exclusive licensing for NITRONIC barî said Wayne Weaver, V.P. Sales.  ìWe can now provide the full range of products and believe that customers will be confident knowing that if it says NITRONIC it came from Electralloy.î
In North America, only Electralloy uses standard NITRONIC melting and processing practices to ensure consistently superior quality in all product forms. Electralloy AOD refines, argon shrouds, and bottom pours all NITRONIC ingots for optimum quality and yield. For specific applications and sizes Electralloy will employ ESR in the remelt step.
NITRONIC stainless steels are high-strength and corrosion-resistant austenitic products that provide higher-performance alternatives to many conventional 300 and 400 Series stainless steels.
NITRONIC alloys are designed for a variety of applications and can provide excellent mechanical properties at both sub-zero and elevated temperatures, impact resistance at low temperatures and superb resistance to high-temperature oxidation. In addition, they retain good weldability and fabricability and remain non-magnetic even after extensive cold working.
Typical market applications for Electralloyís NITRONIC products include: petrochemical, nuclear, marine, chemical, industrial, food service, pulp, paper, textile and infrastructure components.  Pumps, valves, pipe and fittings, fasteners, chains, marine hardware, boat and pump shafting, heat exchanger parts, springs, pins, bushings, bearings, and wear rings are common components produced from NITRONIC products.
For additional details or information please contact Electralloy at 800-7273,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.electralloy.com
NITRONIC is a registered trademark of AK Steel Corporation.

About Electralloy
Electralloy, a G.O. Carlson Inc. company, is a custom melter of specialty and stainless steel alloys.  The company provides AOD melt, Electroslag Remelt and Vacuum Arc Remelt, and well as wrought product conversion services. Electralloy serves the aerospace, power generation, nuclear, forging, military, automotive, marine, agriculture, chemical, and other demanding applications.  Products range from simple low alloy steel to complex high-temperature alloys, in master alloy pigs, ingots, slabs, plate, billets, bars, and NITRONIC weld wire.
About AK Steel
AK Steel produces flat-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steels, primarily for automotive, appliance, construction and electrical power generation and distribution markets.  AK Tube LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of AK Steel, produces carbon and stainless electric resistance welded (ERW) tubular steel products for truck, automotive and other markets.  Additional information about AK Steel is available on the companyís web site at www.aksteel.com.

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