June 01, 2010

Electralloy Manager Cheerfully Goes to Jail and Raises $1900 for Muscular Dystrophy Association

Kathy Shumsky, Forged Products Manager for Electralloy and G.O. Carlson, was recently locked-up as part of the annual Venango Lock Up fundraising campaign to benefit the local Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).  
Accused of having a big heart, Shumsky was taken straight to ëjailí, where she quickly began working to make bail, or ëraise moneyí for the organization.  
Working alongside 50 other big-hearted ìjailbirdsî, Shumsky ultimately led the way in fundraising, coaxing generous citizens to donate $1900 for her release from the jail.
Together, Shumsky and the other Venango cellmates raised an impressive grand total of $21,000 in funds that will benefit families in Northwest Pennsylvania affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

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