April 29, 2009

Electralloy customers can now specify (UNS S31254) F44, a 6% Molybdenum high performance super austenitic stainless steel alloy, in the form of:

    ESR Ingot
    ESR Bar from 2" to 16" diameters
    ESR Billets from 4" to 24" RCS and Rounds

With relatively high levels of Mo, Cr, and N, F44 was originally designed to resist localized pitting corrosion in seawater and paper pulp bleaching environments. The high Nickel stabilizes the austenite and provides good general acid and stress corrosion cracking resistance. The high nitrogen imparts greater strength to the alloy vs. similar alloys without nitrogen.
F44 is typically specified for chemical, petro-chemical, pulp & paper, and seawater process equipment, except in strong reducing or hot sulfuric acid environments. It is particularly suited to piping and heat exchangers handling ambient saltwater (even treated with chlorine), and pulp & paper bleaching equipment.
Electralloy’s F44 can be supplied to meet all the requirements of the following specifications, and more:
ASTM A182, A193 (S31254), A213, A240, A249, A269, A 276, A312, A473, A479, A813, A814

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