December 04, 2009

Electralloy, a custom melt producer of high quality alloys for aerospace, automotive, nuclear, power generation and many critical applications, has Nitronic® 50W and Nitronic® 60W Weld Wire in 0.035, 0.045 and 0.062 diameter in 30 pound coils for next day shipment.
Nitronic® 50W provides the highest strength levels with good tensile strength, ductility and alloy elements that impart good corrosion resistance. Nitronic® 50W is specifically designed for weld applications. Nitronic® 60W provides excellent weld overlays on most stainless steels and specific carbon steels that develop sound deposits having properties equal to that of an all-weld deposit.
Nitronic® stainless steels are higher-performance alternatives to many conventional 300 and 400 series stainless steels. They are austenitic, high-strength, wear-resistant products. Nitronic® alloys are produced under license from AK Steel Corporation.
Electralloy offers a full line of Nitronic® products including ingots, master alloy pigs, forging quality billets-four inches RCS and larger, bars-five inches in diameter and larger, coil rod 0.219 to one inch and spooled Nitronic® 50W and Nitronic® 60W weld wire, currently in sizes 0.035 , 0.045 and 0.062 diameter. Electralloy is a licensed air melt and remelt (ESR) melting source for all of these listed products in North America.

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