May 6, 2023, marked the end of an era at Electralloy andTracy Rudolph for Tracy T. Rudolph, President and COO. Tracy begins the next chapter of his life after 49 years of dedicated service to the Company and Specialty Steel Industry. “It is impossible to adequately sum up Tracy’s contributions, achievements, and governance in a single announcement,” said Gunard C. Travaglini, Chairman of the Board and CEO, G. O. Carlson, Inc. “We are grateful for his dedication and tireless work effort – all for the betterment of our customers, vendors, subcontractors, employees and the organization as a whole.”

Tracy started his career at Electralloy in 1974 as a Maintenance Supervisor. He then served as Plant Manager, Vice President of Operations in 1991 and most recently as President / COO since 1999. During his lengthy tenure, he shepherded the company through the best and most difficult of times the steel industry has experienced. Along with the executive management team and ownership, Tracy helped navigate, adapt, and promote Electralloy through a variety of ever-changing market landscapes.

Joseph C. Paparone II has been named President and COO. “On behalf of our dedicated Team, we congratulate Tracy on his many accomplishments. We wish him the best as he spends more time with family, friends, and his horses “Dude and Arya.” We look forward to building and enhancing our customer base and product lines in these challenging times. Tremendous Gunard Travaglini Joe Paparone Tracy Rudolphopportunities exist for our customers, suppliers, Team members and other constituents.”

Former Sr. VP of Operations and Technology W. Thomas Wood II reflected on Tracy’s career. “Tracy was a very tolerant and supportive leader. He was willing to engage in unique business opportunities and business partnerships; his quick decision making enabled the Company to outmaneuver the competition and maintain niche markets.”

As a family-operated business, Tracy gained many new “family members and friends” over the years. Throughout his forty-nine years, the employees became his family and those in the steel industry became his friends. Tracy had the unique opportunity to impact the lives’ of many, including his daughter Rebecca A. Rudolph-Russell.

Debbie and Tracy Rudolph2“For thirty-one years of my life Tracy had just been my father, until I started working at Electralloy / G.O. Carlson in 2011. Then he became a leader to me,” said Rebecca. “As a child, you don’t quite understand why your father is working so much and the aspects of his job. Not until I was in my twenties, or truly when I started working at Electralloy / G.O. Carlson, did I understand the real purpose of him devoting his life to this corporation. Every breath, every waking moment and every day Tracy focused on building a successful corporation with the help of others within the company. Over the last twelve years, I gained a greater respect and admiration for the knowledge, courage, devotion, integrity, and gratitude that Tracy demonstrated as a leader. He became my mentor, role model, and an inspiration. I am honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with my father.” 

Tracy fulfilled his professional ambitions and now is the time to enjoy the next chapter of his life. Congratulations from the entire G. O. Carlson family!

Top - Tracy Rudolph

Center - Left to right: Gunard C. Travaglini, Chairman of the Board and CEO, G. O. Carlson, Inc., and Joseph C. Paparone II, President and COO, congratulate Tracy T. Rudolph on his illustrious 49-year career and his contributions to Electralloy’s success.

Bottom - Debbie and Tracy Rudolph

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