In the 1930's, stainless steel was a new "wonder metal" for the chemical and petrochemical industries. But those emerging industries, and the equipment fabricators who served them, could not obtain stainless steel in special grades, shapes and odd sizes in less than mill-run quantities.

In 1936, Gunard O. Carlson, a young engineer with an extensive knowledge of stainless steel, founded the G.O. Carlson Company.   Although little was known about cutting, forming and processing of stainless steel, Carlson engineers utilized on-the-job experience and developed many of the techniques and some of the equipment now used throughout the world to cut and process heavy gauge, stainless steel plate.

Today, G.O. Carlson produces large, wide plates, a wide variety of rings, discs, tube sheets, bars, special cut shapes and rolled and tack welded cylinders from stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper-nickel alloys and specialty metals. From very small to very large patterns.  Whether it’s one of a kind or a thousand of the same, the quality is always top of the line.

Consistently superior quality, on-time, on-spec deliveries. Competitive pricing.  Nimble service and dependability you can count on.

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