July 08, 2014

7 8 14 1Electralloy, a G.O. Carlson company and a leading supplier of high-quality standard and custom-melt alloys used in a variety of aerospace applications, will once again be heading to the United Kingdom to attend the Farnborough International Airshow which runs from July 14-20.  

As one of the worldís most important aviation events, Farnborough provides Electralloy with an exemplary opportunity to showcase the companyís capabilities and meet with many international and domestic clients.  Electralloy specialty alloys can be found throughout the aerospace supply chain, in the form of forgings and investment castings produced from Electralloy Master Alloys, and machined parts from Electralloy bar and forged blocks.

The company will be represented at the show by Tracy Rudolph, President and COO, Wayne Weaver, VP Sales, Jack Simmons, Manager of Marketing and Product Development, Mike Evans, Manager Technical Marketing Services, and Terry Ender, GOC Europe Ltd.  

To underscore the importance of this event for suppliers to the commercial and civil aerospace industry, one only has to consider the sales figures from the last Farnborough show held in 2012, where confirmed sales and commitments reached a remarkable $72 billion.

For this yearís show, organizers are expecting over 120,000 visitors and more than 1,500 exhibitors from nearly 50 countries around the world including new exhibiting countries Croatia, Malaysia, Northern Ireland, Thailand and Tunisia.  In additional to commercial exhibitors, more than fifty military delegations are also expected to attend.

The Farnborough Airshow has long history of milestones, from the first of the  Vickers V-Bombers in 1951, to the Concorde appearance in 1970, and the Airbus A380 and Boeingís 787 Dreamliner both making their debut appearance in 2012. Electralloy has numerous materials on the Boeing 787 including materials in the flap track, wing boxes and other structural components.
This yearís show will feature the first overseas appearance of the F-35B Lighting II stealth combat aircraft and the Farnborough debut of the Airbus A350.

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