August 06, 2013

Electralloy, the leading supplier of specialty alloys, has recently released updates to two capabilities videos.  The videos consist of an informative and detailed 9-minute presentation and a shorter, fast-paced 3-minute overview.  Both videos make the point that when it comes to producing forged and cast components that have no room for error, there is no better choice than Electralloy for specialty alloys and G.O. Carlson plate products.  The companies are AS9100C Certified.

Viewers are taken through the Electralloy production process, from raw materials to finished product, with a distinct emphasis on the degree of quality and reliability built into every Electralloy product.  As the videos emphasize, Electralloyís products are made to remarkable quality standards to ensure safety, provide enhanced performance levels and even protect lives.

Whether it is in a power plant, a nuclear submarine, a fighter jet or a dozen other critical applications, the metal - from Electralloy and G.O. Carlson Plate - makes the difference.

To see the Electralloy videos click here:  Electralloy Video: "No Room for Error".

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